Showcase Auditions Info Page

When are auditions? At lunch Monday 9/27 to Friday 10/1
come early in the week – it gets busy towards the end!

Where? D104 (across from the Grieb Theater, near the main entrance of the school)

What should I bring? Have a backing track (a youtube video is fine), or other form of accompaniment (piano, guitar, etc). You cannot audition without music to back you up!

What should I sing? You will sing the piece you want to perform in the showcase. You do not have to have it memorized yet, but it helps.

When is the showcase? The showcase will be on Tuesday October 26th at 7pm in Anderson Hall. You will be expected to stay after school that day. You will also be expected (but not required) to attend Local Vocals meetings on Thursdays at lunch for rehearsals, workshops leading up to the show.

Does it have to be a solo? No! Duets, trios, etc are great!

Can I audition for a solo AND be in a duet? You can audition for both but chances are both will not be chosen.