CSUN 24th Annual High School Art Invitational

This year, unlike the previous 23 year run of the CSUN Annual High School Art Invitational, the event is simply being displayed online. Well, look on the bright side; you do not have to drive anywhere or try to find parking at CSUN, which we all know is not easy. You are simply just one click away!

Click on the link below and it will take you to the 24th Annual High School Invitational! As with all the previous years that ELCO has participated, the Visual Arts teachers chose 6 art pieces to represent the student work at our school, and 2 teacher artworks. Our very own Shelley Mark and Kathleen Nicholson have fabulous artwork representing our school for the 2020-2021 school year.

You can also click on all the other schools in the Valley as well, which is just a testament to how much creativity is still happening with students and schools alike, regardless of the circumstances.


Arts at a Distance???

We know we would rather be like this (they swear this wasn’t planned)….

But for now, we are like this….

And we feel like this…

So…what now??? How can you have a choir or a band when social distancing? How can we create a play? How can teachers help students with their paintings if they can’t look over their shoulder?

These are the things we have been struggling with since the spring semester. But the good news is – we have found solutions!

Our first concern is equity. We are making sure that all of our students are able to participate even if they do not have the tools at home – art supplies, instruments, and of course, tech.

The art teachers are finding that some of their students thrive without having someone staring over their shoulder – being alone lets them be creative. They have included more technology than ever in their courses, and some say they plan to keep some of this “new normal” even after we get back in school!

For drama, their approach is going to have to be much different, but that won’t stop them – or DTASC, the big theater festival that happens each semester. It will be online this fall, so full steam ahead, drama!

For music, both the choirs and bands have made virtual videos and have focused on individual skills. For some students, this has really helped them improve as musicians! We are using websites like Noteflight, musictheory.net, Teoria, and Sight Reading Factory to help our students get individualized practice and self-assessment. Technology in music has come a long way – check out Mr. Thurow’s classroom set up for this semester!

While of course we miss the ensembles (that energy cannot be simulated!), the virtual ensembles are something unique and special that we are getting out of this. Here is Castle Builder by our Women’s Choir from the spring:

So. This isn’t ideal. But we aren’t sitting back – art can be created under ANY conditions, and we will not be stopped! Go ECR VaPA!

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Auditions for ECR’s Top Choirs!

Auditions for Camerata and Women’s Choir are THIS WEEK at lunch in D104 (across from the Grieb Theater). These auditions are for current ECR students only.

Come prepared to sing a verse and chorus of a song that shows your best technique as a singer. For women auditioning for Camerata, you MUST attempt a sight reading exercise. Men are not required but highly encouraged to sight read.

There are only two spots available for women in Camerata, but there are six spots for men. Men do not need choral experience to audition! We are especially looking for men with very low and very high ranges (the extremes!), but ALL are welcome. We do not have outside of class rehearsals, so even if you are involved in a sport or another activity on campus, you can be in Camerata as well.

For incoming freshman/transfer students, auditions will take place the week of March 9th.

AND if you want to sing but don’t want to compete, join Chorus, period 5! No auditions required for that class.