Auditions for ECR’s Top Choirs!

Auditions for Camerata and Women’s Choir are THIS WEEK at lunch in D104 (across from the Grieb Theater). These auditions are for current ECR students only.

Come prepared to sing a verse and chorus of a song that shows your best technique as a singer. For women auditioning for Camerata, you MUST attempt a sight reading exercise. Men are not required but highly encouraged to sight read.

There are only two spots available for women in Camerata, but there are six spots for men. Men do not need choral experience to audition! We are especially looking for men with very low and very high ranges (the extremes!), but ALL are welcome. We do not have outside of class rehearsals, so even if you are involved in a sport or another activity on campus, you can be in Camerata as well.

For incoming freshman/transfer students, auditions will take place the week of March 9th.

AND if you want to sing but don’t want to compete, join Chorus, period 5! No auditions required for that class.

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