Meet Our New Drama Teacher!

Welcome back to ECR VAPA! We are thrilled to start the year off with the arts going strong at El Camino. We would like to introduce our new drama teacher. Here is a little message from him:

Hello and Welcome! My name is Jonathan Harveson but the students call me “Harvey”. I am ecstatic about being the latest addition to the Drama legacy at Elco that has been an intricate part of so many lives. It was clear to me from day one that I was surrounded by talent. The students have been taught by wonderful teachers over the years, and all I have to do sometimes is just not get in the way.

I have been teaching English for fifteen years, and half of that has been an English/Theatre combo. This is my first full-time Drama only position, and I am thrilled to be doing it. I earned my undergraduate degree from The University of New Mexico, BFA in Theatre, and graduated from a two-year Meisner program in Santa Monica. My wife, Shannan, is also a teacher and I have three children. One in elementary, another in middle, and my oldest in high school. Busy, but we love it!

I eagerly look forward to what this new challenge in my life has to offer, and I consider myself blessed beyond all measure to be doing it at El Camino Real!

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