New Classes! Join VAPA!

Current Students: Programming has begun!  We hope you all plan to take VAPA classes next Fall.  Our course selection has grown a lot, so we hope you take advantage of all the options you have.

THEATER: There will now be a Theater 2 course, which should be taken after Intro to Theater and requires pre-approval from Ms. Brasler.  Play Production also requires approval.  Please contact Ms. Brasler for more information:

MUSIC: There will now be a beginning Piano course. Learn the basics of keyboarding and other music knowledge.  AP Music Theory is a great class to take if you already have a basic music theory background and want to improve your musicianship while earning college credit.

CHORAL MUSIC: If you would like to sing, we have three choral groups.  Two are audition based and one is open to anyone.  Contact Ms. Brennan for more information on any of those music classes:

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC: We offer Jazz Band, String Orchestra, and Marching Band (with Drumline), all of which require pre-approval from Mr. Thurow.  Instruments is a class for learning the instrument of your choice – no experience needed.  Contact Mr. Thurow for more information:

VISUAL ARTS: We are adding Advanced level classes for Design, Drawing and Painting.  They all will require pre-approval to join.  The AP course will require a portfolio submission.  There also other fun options like Calligraphy, Cartooning, and Graphic Design.  Please contact Mr. Harbourt for more information:

DANCE: We have dance classes that can count as PE or VPA credit!  If you love to dance, you can get two different types of requirements satisfied over the course of your high school career.  Contact Ms. Marshall for more information:

FILM: Learn how to create movies!  The Careers in Entertainment Academy is a great experience for budding filmmakers.  Contact Ms. Estrin for more information:


INCOMING FRESHMAN: We hope you tell your counselor you would like to be a part of the VAPA Academy when you program your classes.  This will help ensure that you will be able to be an artist throughout your time at ECR and spend time in your academic classes with other arts minded students, learning through an artistic lens.  Join us!


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