Local Vocals’ Showcase and DTASC

Our VAPA Academy is always busy creating new opportunities for our artists!  Here is an update on what we have just done and are doing…

Our Local Vocals Club just mounted their Fall Showcase last night in the Grieb Theater. featuring 20 acts out of about 40 who auditioned.  The show was a smash, thanks to many different members of VAPA: the Local Vocals members, who held auditions, led workshops in performance technique, and organized and promoted the entire event; the Graphic Design students, who created multiple beautiful flyers for Local Vocals to choose from; and the Drama students, who hung and focused lights, set up the sound, and helped backstage.




imageThe Drama students are preparing for the DTASC Fall Festivals!  They compete with other Los Angeles schools in various categories featuring comedic, serious, and musical plays.  For example, one category this year is It’s Nice to be Nominated, a play that was nominated for a Tony but did not win.  These students have been working hard in class and after school to perfect their scenes, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!  Come to their preview show at the Grieb Theater on Oct. 18th at 7:00pm – it’s free!

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